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We are more than a B2C business; we offer our entire product line in bulk like wholesale CBD oil, CBD patches wholesale, CBD massage oil wholesale, CBD gummies wholesale as well across various nations such as the Netherlands, Caribbean Islands, and throughout Europe.

We are further expanding our operations in the United States and the United Kingdom with our CBD skin care wholesale operations to assist more people hoping to benefit from high-quality products.

We are currently focusing on countries with approval from higher authorities for distribution and selling Cannabidiol-infused items.

We provide our CBD wholesale services to several pharmacies in the aforementioned regions; we also ensure that we cross-check whether they have a registered legal license to purchase CBD and eventually sell them.

Following all the legalities is one of our primary concerns, and we want to follow the appropriate guidelines enlisted by the government for legal distribution.

To further improve the distribution process, all our products majorly wholesale full spectrum CBD oil come with QR codes which can conveniently be scanned to verify and view the prescription of the products.

Furthermore, they are in different languages for different countries to ensure they are tailored for the specific region.

We want the entire product delivery process to be hassle-free and transparent for our clientele so that they become loyal customers for years to come.

Netherleafs is currently registered in the Netherlands and United States with FDA’s registration, so if any prospective wholesale customer has a query concerning the legal aspect of our business.

You may rest assured that we follow all the necessary requirements to deliver products through an approved process by the relevant authority bodies.

To make the process even more seamless and efficient, we deliver the products to the exact address entered in the order form.

Additionally, the products like wholesale CBD oil , CBD patches wholesale & CBD gummies wholesale come with a Certificate of Analysis which comprises all the lab-testing reports, and in specific cases, attestation of the heavy metals, impurities, mold, pesticides, and more.

We want our clients to be satisfied in every manner, and we promise to deliver approved and tested products.

If you have any more information you are seeking or any inquiry you have in mind, please fill out our form with the details, and a representative will get in touch with you promptly.

We have a dedicated team that will walk you through the entire process and answers all the questions to ensure you are well-versed regarding our operations.