We provide only the best to our valuable customers – high-grade CBD products that are produced, tested and packed after adequate research so that users are given the best option available, which can be used for recreational purposes.
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We cautiously produce our products with only the best organic ingredients to provide items that are free from synthetic elements and additives. The result our customers get is superior-quality CBD which is highly purposeful.
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We are a purpose-driven company that prioritizes customer satisfaction above anything else. We constantly stay in touch with our clients to provide them with products that match their requirements while continually improving ourselves. We are the perfect answer to your search query 'CBD stores near me' or 'CBD shop near me.'
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About Our CBD Shop


Our research extends to  the Dutch land, as we believe it has one of the best research and expertise facilities available compared to other alternatives. The Netherlands has always been the home of science due its consistently progressive approach and knowledge from the horticulture.

The CBD we procure is from the most developed areas of the world, which have the best possible environmental conditions for CBD growth. The two significant countries we resource our CBD from are USA – Colorado to be specific and no other land than Switzerland.

Let it be CBD Oil, CBD Softgel, CBD Gummies, or CBD Patches, we transport the rich-quality CBD to Holland, rigorously checking the product quality and ensuring that it is free from heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, mycotoxins, pathogens and microbes. We aim to provide our clientele and users with value-for-money products and be an all-inclusive CBD shop.

Netherleafs is the only business that will assure you that all products will be unmatched in terms of quality, even if you buy them in wholesale from us. Still wondering about CBD store near me? Well, you shouldn’t!

We want to make it easier for other companies to sell CBD products, including retail stores, to benefit from our unique offerings. Make your lives easier by getting top-quality products from Netherleafs.

The Netherlands’ tactics and research are well ahead of the United States and the United Kingdom competitors of the CBD industry. In addition, due to the thinness of this CBD, it is considerably easier to combine with other oils, and it has no bitter flavor of cannabis at al.

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Our expert and competent team in The Netherlands crafts the purest and most refined CBD products in the market.


We take our pride in being completely organic and toxin-free: none of our products contain any other unwanted substance.

We have attained expertise in providing our customers with the best quality CBD shop products.

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We provide items that are tailored to each customer's specific requirements for convenient consumption, proving to be a one-stop CBD shop


To provide proof of authenticity , every product is thoroughly tested and accompanied by a COA: Certificate of analysis.

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Netherleafs Faq

Netherleafs is a Netherland-based company dedicated to providing unprecedented CBD products. We are expanding our niche to the US market and currently supplying to the Netherlands and Europe.

If you want to avail yourself of the benefits superior CBD products entail, then Netherleafs is your ideal solution. Our products are created with organic ingredients, making them perfect for any recreational or relaxation need.

CBD is a nonpsychoactive creation with anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties, which could help the individual consuming it to ease out and feel stress-free.

For everyone, the quality of life is important. Quality of life is the functioning of persons physically, psychologically and socially. One of the important ingredients of this healthy oil is cannabidiol and has the following properties to positively influence the quality of your life.

– Contributes to a healthy night’s sleep

– Helps with changing moods (e.g. during the transition)

– Helps with a nervous feeling

– Promotes the ability to concentrate

– Nourishes and protects the skin

– In case of stress and tension

– Works relaxing and soothing

– For a good state of mind

– Good for the intestinal flora


We have a dedicated website with various products, ranging from CBD drops to transdermal Patches, Gummies, Softgels and Ointment creams. Place your order on our website, and it will be delivered to you at your doorstep.

The CBD products can be consumed in quite a few ways – you can either consume it in the form of edibles or apply it topically. It depends on what the individual consuming the product is most comfortable with.

Netherleafs is registed with the FDA for distribution in the USA. As all the offered products come with certifications and lab testing reports (COA), we guarantee to provide consumers with organic products that do not incorporate any toxic constituents.

Netherleafs is the best CBD shop near you.

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Our team at Netherleafs is continually experimenting and creating innovative CBD products to cater to the masses. If you want to stay in the loop with our latest offerings, just search for CBD stores near me or please enter your email below and sign up for our newsletter blogs and discounts.

Your search term must be cbd stores near me, look no further!

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